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Horiba Jobin Yvon Lab Ram HR Raman Spectrometer

MANUFACTURER Horiba Jobin Yvon Ltd (manufacturer's website)
AVAILABILITY Facilities open 24/7 (security approval required outside usual teaching times) Please note that these facilities are used for timetabled teaching activities.
CONTACT 1 External enquiries: Martine Dobson - Funding, Development & Support
CONTACT 2 Internal enquiries: Tony Dickson, Principal Technician
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Horiba Jobin Yvon Lab Ram HR Raman Spectrometer

Horiba Jobin Yvon HC/CAT 100 Catalyst stage

  • Horiba LabRam HR confocal Raman microscope with 532 and 785 nm lasers for point spectra, mapping and 3D imaging (Installed July 2012)
  • Sampling Accessories: Cuvette holder for rapid solution analysis, super head Raman probe, immersion Raman capability and catalyst stage for environmental control and heating

Image courtesy of www.horiba.com/raman

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Last Updated: 8th November, 2016