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Simbaby Manikin and Peripheral Kit (Greenbank) Laerdal Medical

MANUFACTURER Laerdal Medical Ltd (manufacturer's website)
AVAILABILITY Open normal teaching hours
CONTACT 1 External enquiries: Martine Dobson - Funding, Development & Support
CONTACT 2 Internal enquiries: Tony Dickson - Principal Technician
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Laerdal Medical Simbaby Manikin and Peripheral Kit (Greenbank)

Realistic anatomy and clinical functionality for infant care

Airway Management

Training of all aspects of infant airway management including positive pressure ventilation, insertion of LMA’s, and ET Tubes. The anatomy can be dramatically changed to represent conditions such as tongue edema, pharyngeal swelling, and laryngospasm.


SimBaby can simulate spontaneous breathing patterns with variations in depth and rate, and complications such as retractions and see-saw breathing. Critical conditions such as tension pneumothorax can be simulated and managed through needle thoracentesis, and chest tube insertion. During hypoxic conditions SimBaby will present cyanosis in the mouth region.


The blood pressure can be adjusted and measured manually by auscultation of Korotkoff sounds. Pulses can be assessed at the radial, brachial, and femoral pulse points.


SimBaby allows for live defibrillation, pacing, and synchronised cardioversion.

Vascular Access

SimBaby has an IV arm and bilateral IO/IV legs, which can be connected to reservoirs to allow for volume infusion and blood sampling.


With lifelike traits such as a fontanel that can be adjusted to present as normal or bulging and torso motion to simulate seizure, SimBaby helps healthcare providers recognise and manage pediatric emergencies.

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Last Updated: 8th November, 2016

Simbaby Manikin and Peripheral Kit (Greenbank) Laerdal Medical