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Sotax spectrophotometer / CE7 Smart dissotest / online auto system (USP4) .

MANUFACTURER Sotax Ltd (manufacturer's website)
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Sotax spectrophotometer / CE7 Smart dissotest / online auto system (USP4)

The SOTAX CE 7smart is the 4th generation of the Flow-Through Cell instrument designed over 40 years ago by Dr Langenbucher in collaboration with SOTAX. In this USP 4 method a test sample is placed in a specially designed cell through which media is pumped at 37°C. The eluate is filtered upon leaving the cell and can then either be analyzed by UV-Vis or collected for HPLC. The type of cell is chosen to suit the dosage form and it is permanently maintained at 37°C in a water jacket. Parameters such as flow rate, quantity of dissolution media and filtering porosity are defined during method development.


The CE 7smart complies with USP chapters 711, 1088, 2040, E.P. 2.9.3, 2.9.42 and 2.9.43 and is described in the JP as JP3. The front panel keypad with graphic display shows method parameters such as sampling times, media, temperature, flow rate, cell type and volume. It uses standard cells (12 and 22.6mm), cells for powders and granulates, suppositories and soft gelatin capsules, implants, and drug-eluting stents. Inserts are available for creams, gels, ophthalmic devices, liposomes and nanosuspensions.

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Last Updated: 9th November, 2016

Sotax spectrophotometer / CE7 Smart dissotest / online auto system (USP4) .

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