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Anemometer/thermometer/hygrometers - Skywatch ATMOS

MANUFACTURER JDC (manufacturer's website)
AVAILABILITY Official workshop hours are: 9:30 to 12.30 and 13.30 to 16:30 (in practice technicians are often available outside of these times)
CONTACT 1 External enquiries: Martine Dobson - Funding, Development & Support
CONTACT 2 Internal enquiries: Paul Critchley - Principal Technician
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Anemometer/thermometer/hygrometers - Skywatch ATMOS

Anemometer-thermometer-hygrometer, specially designed for professionnal use: agriculture, environment , expeditions, etc.

The accurate, user friendly, and multi-functional Skywatch ATMOS, is an asset to agricultural professionals.

Fields of application:

Agriculture: Pointing weather conditions before spraying crops environmental control livestock.

Agribusiness: Control of storage conditions (temperature, humidity).

Images and text courtesy of www.jdc.ch



  • Units: mph - km/h - m/s - fps - knots - Beaufort
  • Accuracy: ±3% (10 to 150 km/h)
  • Measuring range: from 2 to 150 km/h
  • Modes: instant, average and maximum


  • Units: ⁰F, ⁰C
  • Accuracy: ±1⁰F (at 77⁰F)
  • Measuring range: from -4 to +158⁰F
  • Modes: instant, minimum, average and maximum
  • Calculation of wind chill factor


  • Unit %rH
  • Accuracy: ±3%rH (20 to 80%rH)
  • Measuring range: from 2 to 100%rH
  • Modes: instant, minimum, average and maximum
  • Calculation of the dew point

General features

  • Backlight
  • Size: 065 x 155mm
  • Weight: 235g
  • Minimum, average, maximum: 3s to 24h or chrono
  • Aluminium bottom plate for tripod attachment
  • 2 AA batteries
  • Waterproof - floating
  • Operating temperature: -4 to 158⁰F
  • Swiss official calibration
  • Protective cap for the impeller
  • Pouch included

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