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Simultaneous Thermal Analysis (STA)

AVAILABILITY Official workshop hours are: 9:30 to 12.30 and 13.30 to 16:30 (in practice technicians are often available outside of these times)
RESTRICTIONS Use of this equipment requires evidence of advanced scientific standing & expertise, allied to proof of competency both in management of the health & safety environment & adherence to fundamental ethical principles relating to research & consultancy.
CONTACT 1 External enquiries: Martine Townsend - Grants & Funding Unit
CONTACT 2 Internal enquiries: Dr. Anna A. Stec
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Simultaneous Thermal Analysis (STA)

This technique combines the benefits of thermal analysis and differential scanning calorimetry (measurement of the energy flow to or from the sample, quantifying the changes as exothermic or endothermic) into a single experiment. The instrument also has a maximum temperature range extending to 1500°C. The enthalpy changes can be precisely correlated to the TGA events resulting from mass loss. Thus if an exothermic process just precedes loss of material, this is very different from an exothermic change during material loss (condensed phase oxidation), so the sequence of events can be clearly known.

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Last Updated: 9th August, 2017