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Forensic Investigation Laboratory

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AVAILABILITY Official workshop hours are: 9:30 to 12.30 and 13.30 to 16:30 (in practice technicians are often available outside of these times)
CONTACT 1 External enquiries: Martine Dobson - Funding, Development & Support
CONTACT 2 Internal enquiries: Tony Dickson - Principal Technician
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The laboratory contains a large range of equipment used in forensic examination including a number of items from Foster and Freeman, Leica and Nikon.

Laboratory overview

The School’s first search and recovery laboratory was purpose built in 2001, based on the design of the Forensic Science Service (FSS) laboratories at Chorley. In 2006, a second larger laboratory was added. The laboratories are used to teach techniques and procedures for forensic analysis. Simulated casework takes place, applying search and recovery methods to examine clothing for hairs, fibres, body fluids and other trace evidence. Laboratory-based fingerprint enhancement techniques are also taught, also a number of methods, including superglue fuming, ninhydrin and SPR (Small Particle Reagant).

Our laboratories are equipped with instruments and apparatus which are currently used in actual forensic casework.

Key equipment available

  • 2x GRIM (inc Leica DMR microscopes)
  • 20x Nikon E200 compound microscopes
  • 10x Leica E6 stereomicroscopes
  • Projectina comparison macroscope
  • 2x Leica DMR comparison microscopes
  • ACO QDX (Questioned Document Examiner)
  • 2x Brunel Polarized light microscopes
  • Airscience superglue fuming cabinet
  • 2x ESDA
  • 10x Nikon Coolpix compact cameras
  • 14x Nikon D80 DSLR cameras
  • 3x Nikon D90 DSLR cameras
  • AFIS – Automated fingerprint identification system

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