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3D Scanning

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AVAILABILITY The following equipment forms a part of the research based Computer Vision Laboratory and is therefore primarily to support research activities, but in some cases may be accessed by special arrangement.
CONTACT 1 External enquiries: Martine Townsend - Grants & Funding Unit
CONTACT 2 Internal enquiries: Bogdan Matuszewski | Academic | Head of Robotics and Computer Vision (Research & fixed installations)
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3D scanning is a technique useful to many subject areas including; Forensic Science, Sports Science, Design, Engineering, Archaeology, Building Conservation and Games Design.

3D scanning takes many forms to suit the scale and detail of the target subject. There are a number of types of scanner available at UCLan including Static scanners for capturing motionless objects and Dynamic scanners for capturing moving objects. These scanners come in many shapes and sizes including hand-held models for smaller objects, larger portable ‘survey’ type models for room & landscape scanning and fixed room installations for large object/person scanning.

This technology is supported by a university cross-disciplinary 3D imaging group dedicated to promoting the use of 3D technologies and assessing the suitability of using different technologies in a variety of applications.

Key equipment available

  • Faro Focus 3D-S 120 (landscape type)
  • ZScanner 700 (object hand-held type)
  • Artec Eva
  • Artec Spider
  • 3D dynamic passive stereovision from Dimensional Imaging (DI)(Fixed installation)
  • 3D dynamic active (infrared) stereovision from 3dMD (Fixed installation)
  • 3D static – fringe projection pattern from InSpeck (Portable - research based)
  • 3D dynamic time of flight - range data (Swiss Ranger)(Very compact single camera system - research based)
  • Kinect (Portable equipment (hand held) system - research based)
  • Bumblebee stereo system from PointGray (Portable equipment (hand held) system - research based)

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