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ZScanner 700 (object hand-held type)

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The Z-Scanner 700 is a truly portable infra-red laser scanner. This self-positioning, real-time surfacing 3D scanner helps improve design throughout the manufacturing process.

Connected to a laptop via a single FireWire cable, setup is quick and scanning objects is easy, fast, and accurate. Objects can be Scanned in one single operation and sent to print from the bundled software available with the scanner.

The Z-scanner has been used in some tight for space places that none self-positioning have been unable to scan because of their reliance on external positioning targets that must be kept insight.

The range of people who have used this scanner includes the following subject areas; Animation, Product Design, Games Design, Motorsport Engineering, Archaeology, Forensic Science and Textile Design.

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Last Updated: 7th November, 2016

ZScanner 700 (object hand-held type)